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Dean DePiero MARCH 2009 Newsletter


My updated newsletters have returned following some time off for both personal and professional obligations that have been keeping me quite busy. On the personal side is my wedding to Kathleen last summer. Life is good, and we are very happy and grateful for all your kind thoughts, letters and cards.

On the professional side is the never-ending battle to keep the city's budget tight and flat as I remain committed to keep the City of Parma's economy fiscally balanced for the coming year.

In my recent State of the City Address, I stressed the need to decrease the cost of business for Parma when it comes to healthcare and several other areas. The bottom line is savings for the city that translates into savings for our residents. The 2009 city budget is approximately $45 million. Along with the cost-cutting is good news relating to economic building blocks for the future. That would include Parma's new VA Center on Brookpark Road that will create nearly 300 new jobs. Marc's has invested $7.5 million in acquiring and renovating its new Commerce Center produce operation creating 150 new jobs. The 2000 Building in the Commerce Center will be home for 200 new jobs being relocated to Parma. A site on Hauserman Road will soon attract nearly 100 new health care related jobs. And finally, the new Giant Eagle on Day Drive added 150 staff to its payroll. Overall, we are holding our own.

I am also keeping a close watch on developments at the GM stamping plant in Parma while tracking any and all opportunities offered by the Federal Stimulus Package. That would include money for infrastructure projects and obtaining "free" money to relieve homeowners feeling the strain from our sagging economy. The good news: Parma has attracted 56 new first-time home buyer families leveraging nearly $7 million in Real Estate. We have made available some $80,000 for home improvements and repairs needed by seniors and lower income homeowners.

And yes, there is always more work to be done. The goal of any mayor is to stay ahead of the curve by applying for and obtaining available funding from all levels of government. As I say, I remain committed to not only keep our community economically stable, but to take advantage of opportunities that will make Parma a stronger city in the years ahead.

Dean DePiero
Mayor of Parma

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