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Dean DePiero JUNE 2007 Newsletter


First and foremost, I want to thank everyone that took time to help Issue 12 pass in Parma - the police operating levy. Whether you went door to door, helped spread the message, or simply checked the "yes" box on May 8th, you have helped move Parma forward.

Passage of this levy will allow Parma to continue to move forward and will help to provide better safety services to our community. It will also allow other services within the community to improve.

Although the additional tax revenue will not be collected until January 2008, improvements are already beginning. Earlier this week, I swore in a new police officer who has just completed work at the Academy. In the coming weeks I will be swearing-in three more officers. This would not be possible without the passage of Issue 12.

It is unfortunate that a dark cloud was placed over the passage of Issue 12. The actions of two individuals have made some people question my integrity, and the integrity of my administration during the levy campaign. I simply want to assure you that nothing could be further from the truth.

The police department acted swiftly and appropriately to investigate allegations against two fellow officers. Those two individuals have since been fired from the department and one is facing criminal changes. It is my hope that we can continue to move forward from this and appreciate that the investigation performed by the police department and the ensuing discipline would not have happened, in my opinion, a few short years ago.

Last week I held my 4th Annual Charity 5K Run and 2K Fun Walk. This year's event again benefited Holy Family Home. It was also held in memory of my friend, Ron Jonila. Mr. Jonila was President of the UAW Local 1005.

This year's race marked another successful fundraising effort for Holy Family Home. I hope to present a check to Holy Family Home in the coming weeks that will total in excess of $5,000.00. If you are interested, the race results are published on my website, and can be viewed by clicking here.

Thank you for your continued interest in my efforts for the City of Parma. Please feel free to share these messages with friends and family, and please don't hesitate to contact me.

Dean DePiero
Mayor of Parma

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